NLB Leather Craft Training: Day 9

As the participants of the leather craft course being run at our community centre in Waschbank continued on their ‘Thandi’ handbags, Nadia, the trainer, showed them that there is a lot they can do with leather. She taught them how to make simple accessories out of leather scraps, like bracelets. She also showed them different designs of bags that they can craft in the future.


NLB Leather Craft Training: Day 8

The participants are gluing and stitching the slings of their bags. Frans Machaka’s cow leather skin looks very beautiful. Frans and Livhuani are crafting different stitched leather handbags using the same leather material.

Frans Machaka a participant from Waschbank excels in his work because of his previous experience in upholstery. He says he chose to attend because he likes to create beautiful things and he one day wants to run his own business of producing and selling to big companies. He intends to help his unemployed peers from the community learn such skills to be able to create income for themselves.


NLB Leather Craft Training: Day 7

On a wonderfully warm day today in Waschbank village, the participants of the leather craft training course finished cutting, gluing and stitching the front panel and front pocket of their ‘Thandi’ bags. I was very proud to see the two young men, Alpheus and William, catching up to the others. Nadia applauded them, and was pleasantly surprised to see that they had integrated all that she had taught on Day 4 and 5. I cannot wait to see the end products! I am already the first customer for the pink pig skinned lined handbag crafted by William Matli.


NLB Leather Craft Training: Day 5

Today the participants in the leather craft course finished off their front pockets for their bags. Even though it was a cold day, everyone was excited to get on with cutting the panels for their bags. Nadia, our facilitator, has very patiently helped those trainees that have struggled with some of the tasks.

We had a visit from our Kalkspruit mobile clinic. They came into the centre to see what was being made, and Sister Gwangwa was so impressed. She asked if she could bring a cousin to attend the training – but unfortunately we had to explain that it would not be possible. They applauded the initiative and wished the centre and participants success in crafting and marketing their products.